Many prefer not to put the motorcycle on the account, citing the unwillingness to pay taxes.However, it is worth remembering that the penalty for driving without state numbers is 800 rubles, and given the increase in the number of inspectors motobata on country roads, this decision may result in a substantial amount.
To register motorcycle , above all, prepare all necessary documents: insurance policy insurance, paper, confirming the fact that you are the owner (usually a contract buy-sale), passport, transit numbers, PTS.After that you need to come to the district traffic police department.To avoid wasting time in queues, it is better to come to the opening.Hand over documents for verification, get them ba
ck with the application form and the receipt for payment of registration fee.
Carefully fill out an application and pay the bill.Then motorcycle will need to fight off a special area for inspection.Remember that from April 2011 was abolished mandatory verification of the engine room and did not hesitate to recall this correctly inspector in the case of attempts to implement it.Upon completion of inspection checks put a special mark in the application for registration, and guide you to pass the documents along with the application and receipt.
next stage will be checked into finding your bike and stolen base.After its successful completion will defend least for public rooms and the certificate of registration of the vehicle.