Thanks to its all-wheel drive and stamina suspension this car is able to get out any dirt and pass on any country road after a heavy rain without any losses.Check the condition of all parts and elements of the car, and you will ensure its smooth operation for many years.
According to many motorists, the main problem of the stove Chevrolet Niva is its extreme noise.To get rid of this, special Construct a snail, which will suppress noise and ensure the normal operation of the important parts of the car like the Chevrolet Niva stove.To do this, completely disassemble the entire heater.Glue all joints of the body, especially near the radiator, with a rubber insulation.
This will ensure a normal level of protection against noise.Then assemble it all back.
Next disassemble the upper part of the heating system and remove the grille from the air intake.Carefully using special tools cut place in the cochlea that she easily entered stove .The remaining space inlet fill with foam.Next, slide the rubber seal and install the entire system under the hood.Such manipulations will significantly improve the performance of the stove in the car Chevrolet Niva.It will work quietly and silently.
If the oven heats poorly, disassemble radiator stove Niva.Typically, after a long time of operation it is clogged with dirt and debris different by 50%.Thoroughly clean it with special cleaning products, and you will immediately notice how warm the stove became better.And this means that in the winter you will not get cold, driving his Niva.
Replacing the oven is carried out if you have tried all the methods, but you still can not restore its performance.Independently you are unlikely to carry out this procedure, so it is advisable to seek help in the body shop, where for a fee you experienced masters of their craft replace stove Niva car as soon as possible.