Despite the fact that the purchase scooter Anyone can this, so to speak moped must be put on record.Note that the registration of all scooter items on the territory of the Russian legislature was introduced recently, but it has been able to put some of the owners of said vehicle in a difficult position.
If scooter purchased without documents, you must perform a number of the following.Contact the Office of the Federal Customs Service of Russia for their region.Go through the necessary procedure of customs clearance of the vehicle.To do this it will be necessary to complete the relevant paper and pay gosposhlinu.Poluchite customs declaration.
Proceed to the design of techni
cal passports for scooter .All actions on registration of passports to the vehicle, as well as the previous ones can be made directly to Customs.In the technical passport will be recorded all the most important features of your vehicle ( scooter a).So, the passport will be given a release date and scooter, engine size, vehicle weight, mileage, dimensions and t.d.Poluchite technical passport on hand.
contact the Office of traffic police in their area, write application form on registration with its and scooter.The sample application can be taken in the management of the regional traffic police where you applied for registration in the uchet.Podozhdite a few days until your application will be processed, and then get a notice that your scooter put on record.
It is best to carry out the purchase of the vehicle, such as a scooter with existing document, then you will get rid of red tape and a long documentary procedures of customs clearance.
thus acquiring scooter in the store, make sure that the seller has provided you with the passport of the vehicle, which subsequently and you will need to contact the local government GIBDD.Pri riding e scooter, like any other two-wheelers do not forget about safety measures on the roads, use helmets, follow the traffic rules.