you need
  • - owner manual car alarm;
  • - car alarm control keychain.
Carefully read the instructions on the set in your car alarm, and especially all the possibilities, which the manufacturer has provided for the user to configure it.With the current diversity of options Autoplay and engine (scheduled for the outdoor temperature or the air temperature in the cabin, a timer, a signal from the semi-remote control, etc.), it is difficult to describe the algorithm off for each individual case.But the general approach to this question mark is still possible.
If your car alarm provides software disabling autostart a motor, everything is simple - set this to position «off» - how to do this, is described in detail in "the manual" on your alarm.If it is not so, proceed to the next step.
deceive any automatic if desired and acceptable.If your car alarm provides pre-start the engine at a certain time, set the time of his stop at the same time or one minute (second) later.
If alarm and Autoplay engine involves the installation of the immobilizer to prevent the autorun well enough not to leave the engine key (key signaling ) in the vicinity of the vehicle.It is best to put it in this time, the metal shield box.
If none of the above does not work, contact the company that has set the alarm you this.Experts hold reprogramming at the professional level.