determine the size of the ball.To do this, find the bearing characteristics such as d, D and B = 5. Once you determine this information, refer to specialists to help identify the number of the bearing.
There are some guests, who prescribed all kinds and types of bearings with the numbers and sizes.Open to GOST, get a bearing with the same size as you, and see what number corresponds to the size of the bearing, which are characteristic for your bearing.
use the program, which contains data on all bearings.For example reference for bearings «AllBearings».This program is more than 47 000 entries, so you find the right bearing is not difficult.
Enter in the "filter size" the size of the bearing those that you know.It is not necessary to fill in all the fields, however, the more characteristics you will be filled in, the sooner you will be able to find your bearings and find a room.In case you do not know the size of the bearing, bearing hunt for the brand.In the 2 - «designation» - enter the brand bearing and wait for the program will select bearing this brand.
This program contains mode «stictly» - this is a regime of strict searches.Use it if you are sure of the correct spelling of the brand bearing.This mode will sort all bearings by name and offer you exactly the brand that you entered in the search.