you need
  • - Vibrate mobile phone;
  • - drill bit;
  • - copper wire;
  • - PTFE;
  • - Allegro A1442 chip.
not to buy a magnet especially for the stator vibrator use old mobile phones.Hold the cam in the grip and gently squeeze out with an awl shaft.The next step is the release of the brush assembly.Lift the same awl trampled on the case and remove the unit.It became visible magnet.To remove it from there, use a drill which is suitable diameter.
Lay the case on a firm surface and tap the drill bit - magnet itself falls.In the same way you need to get rid of the glued sleeve, which is not needed.
In the role of the shaft using a drill, as they are the most durable and resistant to bending.If the inner
diameter of the magnet is greater and the shaft it dangles wound on a copper wire required thickness.So you increase the diameter of the shaft at the point of contact with the rotor.
To design does not scroll, by resistance welding wire to weld the part.Now connect the rotor shaft and fill the space between the magnet and special super-glue.
to manufacture, use Teflon bushings.Drill a hole in a sheet of 0.3 mm in diameter and bring up the similarity of the tube sleeve.To the shaft to move freely through it, grind it to the desired diameter.So you get rid of friction.
Now wind the coil.For convenience, make the lathe frame of the required size, which wrap 60 coils.To do this you will need about 90 cm wire.
Saturate adhesive coil, without removing the frame from not sticking it to the last.This is easily done using only a microscope.Take 2 of the winding and glue them, causing a minimal amount of glue between the coil and the sleeve.
Solder one end of each winding to get one, but with two pins, which are soldered to the end of the microchip Allegro A1442.