Experts advise to install the sensor impact on the metal parts of the body inside the vehicle, symmetrically with respect to the axis of the vehicle.The bottom of the car is not suitable for the sensor, asoperation may occur from the resonant vibration of the body as a result of a passing heavy vehicles.Not suitable for installation also plastic parts of the car body, asdecreases sensitivity.The best place is a shield between the passenger car and the engine compartment.
sensor impact has four wires and is connected to a special 4-pin connector of the main unit alarm.The sensor itself is attached to the original equipment on the metal parts of the body using double-sided tape.However, respecting motorists choose to mount it with a special fixture on the screws.
adjustment is carried out manually during the installation using resistors available on the sensor panel.One resistor is responsible for warning about the physical effects of (low impact), the other - delivers an alarm with a strong impact on the body of the car.
Unscrew the two control sensor until it stops (zero).Add on slowly (one-two laps wrapping) the sensitivity of the warning zone.
After setting the sensitivity of the safety zone in the same way to adjust the sensitivity of the alarm zones.Usually it is configured for one or two turns more than the area of ​​prevention.
After the addition, close the door and put the car on the alarm.Then, after the installation of the protection of (30-60 seconds), check the sensitivity of the machine, tapping on the body by hand.Do not knock on the hood, doors and roof, can stay dents.Knock on racks front and rear doors.If you are not satisfied with the sensitivity - tighten resistors for one or two turns.