Decide exactly what you want to buy a motorcycle.Make a request, which specify in detail all the features of the "iron horse".If the auction has a suitable option, you are in the "game."It is reasonable to estimate your cash, because sometimes the ultimate cost of the lot at the auction several times the initial bet.Remember that any bidder may offer an amount that would be even greater than that on the ruble that was offered you, and then he will be considered the winner.
To participate in the auction have to make an advance payment, the amount of which is determined by the rules of each auction separately.Do not worry if you have nothing to gain, then you've made a pledge will be returned to you in full.But remember that if you choose not to have a perfect pu
rchase, you can forget about your prepayment.The money will be used as compensation for the costs incurred by the company in the resale of the product back to the auction.
Wait trading day and actively participate in them.However, remember that it is not always the result of the auction is positive.If you buy a motorcycle at foreign auctions and make it through the intermediary companies, require them to raise rates, and tip the scales in your favor when bidding.Compensate them for their expenses.
The day after the auction you will be billed for payment of the costs of delivery.Pay it as soon as possible.Usually it is given within three days.The bike is delivered to the warehouse, where the renewal of his, registration.If the "iron horse" comes from abroad, this process is delayed, because the need to pass through customs and passport issue vehicle (TCP).Then issued a certificate account in your name, and the motorcycle is transferred to your use.
How to buy a motorcycle with