To modern tools include anti-theft devices - immobilizers, which are represented by several kinds and models.The correct choice of protective agent will help eliminate car theft.

Questions reliable protection will always be relevant.There are many anti-theft devices, including modern immobilizers are becoming increasingly popular.Their main task is blocking of the engine, by breaking the circuit and the safety of the vehicle.In the event of theft immobilizers do not allow the car to move under its own power.

Types immobilizers

Modern anti-theft devices used in new cars and are a must-have that will provide high-quality security system for vehicles.Type lock, as well as methods for reading the transponder determine their species.The basic principle of operation of the device is interrupted or blocked the main electrical circuits
without which the vehicle can not start moving.

blocking element, which refers to one of the factors that determines the types of modern anti-theft devices, is the main component of the immobilizer.There are two types of protective equipment:
• wired devices, are simple and should preferably be in remote places car interior to avoid the risk of detection by hackers;
• wireless devices that are allowed to start the engine, and then block its work by stopping the high-income encoded signals.

immobilizers installed additional security system will help to strengthen and create particular difficulties hijackers.It is virtually impossible to circumvent or disable a lock.Transponders that carry the original codes, there are contact and contactless type.

Features immobilizers

The main features include protection devices for anti-theft mode algorithms.They are represented by:
• lock mode at the start of the motion;
• Delayed mode lock;
• continuous monitoring mode of finding the owner in the car.

correct choice of the immobilizer and the adoption of innovative solutions at the time of installation, provides a much better chance to retain its rightful owners the car and reliably protect it from thieves.