you need
  • - brake pads;
  • - a standard set of tools;
  • - a set of keys TORX;
  • - adjustable wrench;
  • - WD-40.
with a jack lift the car, place it on supports, remove wheels with the axis on which you want to replace the pads.Wear of the front and rear brake pads usually varies, so do not need to change parts once on all four calipers.However, check the stock of the working surface pads that do not require replacement costs.
Remove the pin sensor wear.Remove the screws from the rails of one of the brake calipers, two plastic cap and apply liquid WD-40 on the screws.Do not spill liquid on the brake disk and rubber parts support.
A few minutes later, after the WD-40 will work with the key TORX desired size, remove the rails.Tearing the screws, use the key as a lever long solid tube - so you need less effort to complete this action.
You can then remove the caliper from the brake disc.The internal block should remain in a support.Remove both pads from the piston.Please note that here is the contact sensor wear, which also must be removed to avoid damage when installing new pads .
Now, lift the hood and unscrew the tank of brake system.Return to the caliper, and press in the plunger until it stops, using a large flathead screwdriver and wrench.Install first the inner and then the outer pad to the piston and put the assembled caliper on the brake disc.
Twist guide screws, tighten them and put caps.Use a screwdriver to push the socket inner pad wear sensor and secure it with staples.Connect the connector.
Follow the steps to replace the pads in the caliper on the other side and, if necessary, on the other axis.After all pads are installed, tighten the lid of the brake fluid reservoir in the engine compartment.Sit in the driver's seat, start the engine and press the brake pedal several times (until the indicator light turns off pad wear).