Today, the world-renowned manufacturer has at its disposal seven major plants located in Europe and Asia.The head office is located in the city of Ingolstadt, where he also produced cars.Another 6 plants located in Germany (Neskarsulm), Hungary (Gyor), Slovakia (Bratislava), Belgium (Brussels), China (Changchun), India (Aurangabad).


Here, near Munich, the main production is concentrated daily issued 800 Audi A3, A4 and the same amount of about 2 hundred Audi TT.Also produce models A3 and Q5.In addition to these vehicles, the plant produces vehicle sets to send to China (Chankchun company FAW-VW) and India (Aurangabad).

factory covers nearly 2 million hectares.In addition to the parent company, the office, there are tool production, marketin
g department, Technocentre.The latter is considered one of the best in the world, thanks to the installation of the wind, the ability to "reach" the speed of 320 km / h and reduce the temperature to minus 60 ° C.Free installation are members of the corporation - Wolksvagen, Seat.For others who want to set fee of 3,000 euros per hour.

a high level of technical equipment of different assembly line.The degree of automation is close to 100%.Only at the end of the conveyor used human control: employees check the quality of the assembly after the robots and eliminate potential flaws.Every minute of the conveyor is truly golden: unexpected stop at this period will cost 13,000 euros.However, the management company is not a supporter of the sweatshops and attentive to the workers.For example, when it became clear that the position of the body on the line at 45 degrees is harmful to the spine, it was immediately reconstructed the assembly line, and now the cars are arranged horizontally.

European factories and Russia

In the German city Hekarsulm produce A4, A5, A6-A8, R8, Cabriolet and vehicle sets for the Indians and the Chinese.Hungarian branch releases (referring to the assembly) A3 Cabriolet, TT Roadster, TT Coupe, RS 3 Sportback, and is engaged in the production of engines.Belgian manufacturer engaged release of A3, and starting from 2010 - A1.In Bratislava produce Q7.

Russia has already been arranged production Audi's Kaluga (based on WV), but soon it turned.Now the issue of resumption of production models A6, A8, Q5 and Audi Q7.