you need
  • - passport;
  • - a statement of the rule change;
  • - a certificate of passing the driver's medical commission;
  • - the old law;
  • - 2 photos 3x4 cm on matte paper;
  • - receipt of payment of state fees.
cellphone.Two cards 3x4 cm on matte paper you will do in any studio.However, they need to file.For rights you individually photographed in the traffic police.It will take a similar picture for clearance of a medical certificate.
procedure for obtaining a certificate of passing the driver's medical commission generally the same as before the exam in the traffic police, with the only difference that attending drug treatment and mental hospital is not necessary.This is sure to receive a right the first time or after deprivation.To issue a certificate to any paid clinic, provide this service.If you are going to apply not at his residence, ask to make a copy of the license of medical institution and attach it to help.Do not forget to make a copy, and with the help.
Receipt of payment registration fee you can get the traffic police offices or downloaded from the website of the STSI in its region.A pay - at any branch of the Savings Bank.
statement of the rule change, you can download on the website of any of the regional traffic police, or directly in the traffic police division, which will change rights , and fill out on the spot.
attach to a set of documents and a passport, visit the traffic police division.Typically, at this point, you can contact any of them within the region where you have permanent or temporary registration (in the second case, remove and copy a document confirming it and carry an original) .On any case grab a certificate of completion of a driving schoolif you have it, and the documents proving the necessity of changes made to the new rights data (such as names).