you need
  • - screwdriver,
  • - spanners 10, 13 and 19 mm.
Reasons why the owner to dismantle the radiator, in most cases: the emergence of an antifreeze leak from it, or clean the internal surfaces of the sludge deposited there, which often leads to overheating of the motor.Due to the fact that the machine is endowed with small size, in preparation for the upcoming repairs need to disassemble the bonnet of the engine compartment and remove therefrom: spare tire, expansion and glass washer tank, air filter and air intake.
loosening the plug in the bottom of the radiator tank in the prepared capacity of over ten liters drained from the cooling system antifreeze.
In the old model cars impeller blower radiator mounted on the water pump, so it is removed with only one diffuser.
machines in the latest release, equipped with injector engines, said device for blowing cooling system is equipped with two fan who was shot along with a diffuser, after twisting key 10 mm six screws and disconnecting the wiring.
Regardless of the model year of the car from the radiator by loosening the tightness of the four clamps with a screwdriver, detach, and then removed two rubber tube, through which the liquid is the circulation of the cooling system of the engine in a large circle.
knob head 10 mm unscrewed the bolts securing the right and left of the radiator to the body of the machine, after which it is removed from the lower support cushions and dismounted from the vehicle for further reconditioning, or send to the scrap.