the entitlement process consists of several stages.

  1. First we need to decide whether you plan to spend time and money to attend a driving school, or prefer to take the exam on the right externally.If you know all the basics of driving and ready to study the rules of the road by yourself, you can choose the second option.But if you feel that you have not yet drawn to the level of the driver - you go to a driving school.

  2. to get right without any problems, you need to choose a good driving school.Today, public and private driving schools are in almost every city.For lessons in driving school you will have to pay a certain sum of money, but in return you get a full range of skills and knowledge that will be usef
    ul to you during the exam in the traffic police.The driving school instructor will deal with you and driving theory and practice.As a rule, the examinations for the right driving school graduates sit in a group and at the end of course get the driver card and medical certificate.

  3. In order to obtain the right, you have to collect all the documents necessary for admission to the exam: the original and a photocopy of your passport with a temporary or permanent residence permit;medical certificate, two receipts, written statement of his own, two photos for the examination card.The driver card is issued to the registration authority of residence.Typically, the procedure of registration card of the driver takes no more than half an hour.

  4. exam consists of two parts - theoretical and practical.First, the examinee is in the process of computer testing.If your knowledge allows you well to take the test - you are invited to write to the practice.

  5. practical part of the exam consists of three different phases, you will take the practice with an instructor.For all errors are awarded penalty points.At each step, you can dial up to five penalty points.The biggest challenge for the future drivers become RIDING with an instructor.But if you have successfully passed both theory and practice - you just have to get right.