you need
  • more lights on the roof, winch, roof rack, paint, primer, tools, shut off the branches, full-size spare wheel, the vehicle manual.
First of all, pay attention to the body and paintwork of your Niva.The car is designed to overcome the obstacles the road, so the body can be easily scratched or broken.If time does not treat the damaged area, it may begin to corrosion, which will lead to rot.Inspect the entire body.It is best to pound him on the lift to explore the bottom.It is the most susceptible to corrosion.If the back you'll find pockets of corrosion started, then smooth out them to bare metal and then welded.Then cover with primer and paint.Also, it is useful to treat the car rust inhibitor.
next step - check the suspension.It is thanks to the correct suspension Niva easily overcomes obstacles of various kinds.To begin, measure the clearance.The manual for your car to get the values ​​of the normal clearance, it may vary depending on what you wheelbase.If the clearance is too low, the car can sit in the bottom mud or snow, if too large, then bury the wheel.The springs must be free of chips and cracks.Measure their length.Inspect the shock absorbers.They must be free of stains.If any, then put the new shock suited gas.
If you often travel in the country, it is necessary to take care as some devices.Install the winch, it will help get your car if you get stuck.The winch must be fixed to the bearing structure of the car, that is, to the front frame.Install shut off branches.They are mounted on the edges of the bumper to the edges of the roof.Roof rack allows to transport cargoes of various kinds.Take care of a full-size spare wheel.Additional lighting will help to move the car in the dark.Additional lights are best positioned on the roof.