Tip 1: Removing the gearbox

motorist who does not have the relevant experience, may become confused if he is faced with the task to remove the transmission.Theoretically, this operation does not have any pitfalls, and to cope with its implementation is possible by means of simple equipment.

However, in order to remove the gearbox without difficulty, you'll need room equipped properly - there should be an observation pit or a special lift.If you are not able to carry out work in this room, it is better to provide the implementation of this procedure, the staff Car.

  1. You must first disconnect the negative battery cable.Do not forget that all work is done only when completely cooled down engine.

  2. then disconnect the driveline from the gearbox, then remove it from the vehicle.

  3. Reception exhaust pipe also be dismantled;Try to perform the operation carefully and sensibly.

  4. now disconnect the terminals from reverse gear switch.

  5. go directly to the dismantling of the gearbox: a screwdriver to hook rings that hold the pad, and s
    eparate them.From under the rug removing the cover with foam sealant, we raise the mat and remove the handle.

  6. Now wrench unscrew the central bolt, and then head to the universal joint or key unscrewing the top two bolts that hold the starter to the clutch housing.

  7. four screws which fix clutch cover, and turn away with the key.To loosen the remaining three bolts securing the clutch housing, you need to use the head with the universal joint on the drill collar knob.

  8. Now gearbox nothing is fixed, and it can be easily removed by sliding a little bit ago.Subsequent installations should be implemented strictly in reverse order, after brushing the slotted end of the input shaft.

Tip 2: How to remove the gearbox WHA

Remove the transmission is necessary to replace the clutch disc, repair or replacement clutch for the repair or replacement of the gearbox.Since the box is quite heavy, it is for the convenience and safety of the work must be done together, the lift or a viewing hole.
Removing gearbox
you need
  • - set of wrenches;
  • - a set of sockets;
  • - puller hinge of steering draft;
  • - blade assembly;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - lifting equipment.
the vehicle on a lift or a viewing hole.Disconnect and remove the battery, remove the bottom plug 17 and the key to drain the oil from the gearbox.
Remove the bolts and remove the factory and more if it is installed, protection crankcase.Remove the bolt and remove a wire of "weight" to the negative terminal of the clutch housing.
Loosen the key 19 the adjustment nut on the tip of a cable of coupling and remove the tip of a cable from the clutch lever on the box.
Disconnect using the key on the 13, plus the power and switching the wires from pulling the starter relay.Remove the 3 screws, disconnect and remove the starter.
Loosen the two keys 13 on the clamp bolt and disconnect draft of the shift lever from the tip of the hinge switch, located on the box.
Disconnect the wiring harness from the speed sensor, set top boxes, and from the sensor lights on the reverse.
Loosen the two nuts that secure the extensions to the suspension arms, turn the key 17 by 3 bolts of the front and spread both arms stretch sideways.
Remove the cotter pin and remove the key 22 pivot nut steering rod to the lever.Pliers press out the hinge pin of the arm stand.Likewise disconnect draft from the other side.
Remove the key 17 by two screws on each side to detach the ball joints of the knuckles.
Using tire lever, gently squeeze out any one inner CV joint and slide the drive towards.In its place, insert the old hinge or technological cover and only then disconnect the second drive.
With end box wrench, unscrew the 3 screws 10 and remove the small plate clutch closing flywheel.
key or face head 19 Loosen the nuts and three bolts securing the clutch with the gearbox to the engine.
using any lifting mechanism or device, you need to hang out the engine from the lifting eyes to the box when removing the engine is not turned over.
Remove the 2 nuts rear engine support bracket to the body, then unscrew the nut and remove the bolt from the left support of the engine, then unscrew the 3 nuts of the left support to the box and remove the support.
Completely remove the 3 screws and remove the nut on the box to the cylinder block and remove the gearbox.This takes her from the engine horizontally to avoid damaging the petals of spring on the clutch basket.
can not disconnect both drives at the same time as this shift gear differential, and without disassembly of the box to install the drives fail.To avoid this, use the old CV joints or special plug.
Helpful Hint
When installing the box in place, replace the gaskets of internal hinges, as they are usually soon begin to flow and must be replaced.
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