you need
  • - assembly instructions trunk Thule;
  • - Thule roof rack;
  • - CAR.
Avtobagazhnik Thule is attached to the roof of your car through the supports and brackets - "whales".The composition of the pieces depends on the brand of your car.Select the two crossbars, depending on what the width of the roof of your car.Their cross section can be oval or rectangular.Some car models are suitable both for some - just one.Use a universal system of selection of Thule trunk and its details on the manufacturer's website.
Find assembly instructions Thule trunk , which comes to each of them.He painted a simple and clear diagram of the assembly.The sequence of assembly for many car models is identical.
Prepare roof of the car, inspect it
and find regular places for fixing the trunk, they can be closed with plugs, remove them.In some cases, these holes may be painted with paint factory.To find them, prostuchite in the proposed area of ​​the body and determine the site of attachment of the sound.If the roof is smooth machine - open the door compartment and make sure the raincoat does not prevent the installation.
Insert the support brackets in the trunk Thule.They repeat the contour of the vehicle, so the support will fit snugly against the edges of the roof and keep it very reliable.In that case, if the roof of the car is equipped with roof rails, brackets you will not be required.
Secure support in cross - two metal poles that are placed across the roof of the car.They are designed to secure cargo thereto or special nozzles for transportation of various equipment and equipment - skis and snowboards, bicycles, boats, long items.Each set of 2 pieces crossbar.
Place the support strut on the roof of the car and center them.Attach support for the edge of the roof or roof rails.If the roof has special regular holes, attach a support to them.Tighten the thumbscrews or appropriate mechanisms to support in such a way as to support stood at the disposal.More physical effort to make this not worth it.
When Thule roof rack is firmly and securely in place, snap the seat anchorages and, if necessary, put the plug in place.Close the crossbar on the included key.