Decide how much you're willing to spend on a car.This should include not only the cost of the car itself, but also the installation of additional equipment, insurance, registration and purchase required for operation details.Keep in mind that buying a car as standard imposed by the dealer without additional services is very difficult.
Visit several dealers.From an authorized dealer prices on the same machine set automaker.But the conditions of sale and delivery may vary.On the popular cheap car queues are formed again.But ordering the machine, you can choose the desired color and packaging.
Note cons of budget cars.A
s a rule, cheap equipment has a small capacity engine, a simple trim, minimal electro, and security systems.The missing elements can, of course, to put yourself - radio, fog lights, power windows.
Learn how cheap the machines currently on the market.By innovations include the Hyundai Solaris, prices of which start at 424 tys.r.At the same time you get a 107-hp engine in the high-grade sedan original design.Solaris also close competitor Korean new Kia Rio.The performance characteristics of these machines are the most similar.Lovers of small cars like the Kia Picanto in a new body and at a price of 370 tys.r for the car as standard.
If you want to machine more eminent carmaker, go to the dealership showroom Volkswagen.Model Polo sedan is just designed for capricious buyer who wants to get a quality car for little money.Also cars of this brand are known for their quality and you will not have to worry that you made a mistake in the style of "the avaricious pays twice."
To further significant savings, wait until the end of the year when they start selling cars of the year.If you are not crucial year, this is a great chance to get a discount on a car or get a good gifts for him.