In fact, in recent years can hardly be called a purely female or male model name.Machine design is such that a clear boundary for sex there.Still, there are a number of models in which the lady looks more harmonious than others.It is said that driving performance is not very interested in most of the ladies.For them, the more important the appearance of the machine, as well as the inner "filling": air conditioning, air bags, seat covers and so on.However, in addition to appearance is to think about the purpose cars: so my mother of three children is hardly suitable runabout or double car.

Which car fit a housewife?

Women whose main task - housework and raising children, should give preference to models of full wagon or sedan.On these cars can not only take the child
to school and ride for food, but to get the whole family on vacation to the sea.It may be models such as the Nissan Note, Ford Fusion, Ford C-Max, Citroen Xsara Picasso or any five-door crossover, for example, Nissan.

If auto woman needs only to travel for food and she often travels alone, it is possible to give preference to small and agility, for example, Daewoo Matiz, Chevrolet Spark or "Oka".Last machine, certainly not the safest option, but cheap and cheerful, to travel for food - what you need.

machine student

student - is not necessarily a girl who is still studying at the institute.Rather, it is the definition of the type of female drivers.They are often inattentive to the road rules known bad drive a car nervous and distracted.It is because of these men and ladies do not like all the women behind the wheel.Therefore machine "student" should be safe.If we talk about the brand, it may be Nissan, Audi, Toyota, Mercedes A-Class.Jeeps type Suzuki Jimmy, Kia Sportage and Toyota Rav 4 also give confidence to girls and be a kind of armor.

Auto business woman

Business lady - a confident woman.She has already achieved a certain height, so the wheel wants to be the best.She tend to compete with men at the traffic lights, the first jerk off.So the ladies are equally suitable as a small but powerful cars and large cars.Depending on the income of a business woman choose brands such as Mercedes.BMW, Honda, Audi, for example, the A8, Toyota.