First of all pay attention to the class and price of cars.If Logan and Sandero are to the budget class B, Megane - Class C. This means that in the basic Logan and Sandero are a little less than 400 thousand rubles.In the maximum configuration, these cars are slightly above half a million.Prices Megane in budget versions start from 650 thousand.
Renault Logan
next step - the comparison engines and equipment level.Top configuration Logan and Sandero, as well as the fiscal grade Megane equipped with the same engines with minor differences in power.Transmissions at all - mechanical 5-speed.Dynamic performance is also slightly different.By the way, in spite of identical power units, Megane turned out 5-6% more eco
nomical car.
Renault Sandero
level of equipment at Megane, even in the basic configuration is not inferior to the models Sandero and Logan in the top version, which is not surprising when you look at the class and the price of comparable vehicles.All three are equipped with ABS and two airbags, air conditioning, power steering, board computer, adjustable steering column, electromirrors heating, power windows, heated front seats, central locking and immobilizer.
Renault Megane
In terms of practicality mixed opinions.The highest ground clearance are Logan and Sandero - 155 mm.At Megane clearance of 120 mm, which is not enough for Russian conditions.Trunk Logan has a very high volume for its class - 510 l.In Sandero and Megane trunk modest sizes: 320 and 368 liters, respectively.But these hatchbacks have a folding rear seat, which significantly increases the amount of space for cargo.Logan does not have such an advantage.
New Renault Logan
appearance.From the point of view of the majority of consumers, Logan was not too successful design.Sandero and Megane greatly benefited by ekstrereru.But in 2014 the market entered a new Logan with a new design and, more importantly, at the same price.Therefore, all three vehicles now have a modern and original look.