At the moment, there are a lot of reviews about the Hyundai Getz.At times in this list is extremely difficult to find an objective statement about the car.Moreover, as always, there are certain nuances that some attributed to the pluses and minuses to the other.Find objective evaluation rather difficult.Here are the basics that are made up in the polls a large category of car owners

Positive aspects Hyundai Getz

reliability and build quality

This is a very reliable car.Breakdowns occur very rarely, and they are usually very small.The example often cited is that the first thirty thousand kilometers from the Hyundai Getz leaking radiator.But this can be ignored, because the lack of it is almost invisible and can be removed for an hour in the service station.In addition to the complaints to the radiator, people are generally very satisfied with the build
quality of the car.


unpretentious car fuel.If you pour into it unusual gasoline, the car will behave quite easy.

rear seats

car has a folding rear seat.This allows you to carry in the car rather large loads.

inexpensive services

Hyundai Getz may please his owner's relatively cheap service.Even official service centers is fairly cheap MOT, no more than fifty thousand.

Negatives Hyundai Getz


The car ground clearance is very small.It is required to be installed protection that reduces its further by a few centimeters.Smooth surfaces suffer lack of protection, but we all know the state of Russian roads.Thus, no one is safe from falling on an uneven surface.


At Hyundai Getz very heavy suspension.Given that it is still quite low, driving comfort from it becomes even less.All bumps the car literally "jumping."Low speed gives the feel all the irregularities of the asphalt.


have the vehicle average handling.However, if the road is flat, all is not felt.However, in the case where the road already has exchanged ten years without repair podrulivat must constantly.

profile and body

car has a low profile.Thus, if the driver is tall, it is quite possible that he will be uncomfortable in such a machine.At Hyundai Getz body is not long enough.This leads to a further decline in controllability.


for Russian roads Hyundai Getz clearly fits with difficulty.On the other hand, if you have experience of driving fast on bad roads, the machine may be of interest to you.The faster you drive, the smaller Hyundai Getz reacts to unevenness of the coating.