order to later be disappointed in their choice, it is necessary to pay attention to several important characteristics of such devices.First, we should choose the mapping software, respectively, the brand navigator.Today, there are four main navigation program - Autosputnik, Navitel, Garmin and iGO.Each of these programs can be used in conjunction with a particular brand of GPS-navigators.The most affordable program is considered iGO, as one of the most convenient and popular - Garmin.Once you have

decided on the brand of GPS-navigator and set of cards, you must choose a car navigator, which will perfectly fit your needs.All models navigators are divided into several levels - low, medium, "transient" and top.

Budget model navigators involve core functions (navigation), and no more than two additional functions.GPS-navigators average provide not only navigation, but also implies the possibility of wireless communication and multimedia features."Transition┬╗ GPS-navigators - is a user-friendly screen navigation, wireless communication and multimedia.The top model of GPS-navigators mean the most complete set of the most advanced features.

Additional features navigators

is primarily Bluetooth, support memory cards (it makes it possible to record in the memory device of any important information, integrated usb-interface, photo album, DVD audio and video support).Decide what additional features are important to you the most, you can choose the model you need a GPS-navigator.When buying a product, always demand official guarantees and pay attention to the accessories for navigation - power cable, sync cable, memory card.It is best to acquire and own GPS-navigators, and related accessories in specialized stores - so you can be confident that the certified products purchased, which does not let you down at the crucial moment.