If your car is so cold that you can not even open the door, you need to start its reanimation.To begin, try to open the lock the key fob and not alarm or immobilizer.In the case when the lock does not respond, it is necessary to warm up.To do this, you can use any open sources of fire: Lighter, paper, burning with a tip or a special motor vehicle for thawing frozen parts.Also, it is successfully used different alcohol-containing liquid.Mayhem castle, occasionally trying to re-insert the key and rotate.Sooner or later you will succeed.
In case your car is in the alarm after opening the door you need to
immediately try to turn it off.To do this inside the car have a special button.The main task - to remember where it is located.
next test, you can survive in the frozen car - a rejection of auto start.Again and again, turning the key in the ignition, you can not hear the roar of the engine can.To car still could be got, experts recommend not to drive a starter more than 15 seconds.If during this time the engine did not respond to your attempts to wait a couple of minutes.Then try again.However, if after 3-4 attempts the machine did not start, do not try.Otherwise, you risk damaging the engine at all.
order not to get into trouble with the frozen engine, prepare in advance for winter - buy a special device for warming the frozen engine.It is a small device such heater that is powered by 220 volts.Its cost is about 3000 p.
also start the car in the winter frosts will be easier if you carefully watch your iron horse.For this it is necessary that the car has always been a fully charged battery.Oil for the engine and transmission is necessary to use only the best.Sometimes at night, experts recommend to pour a little gasoline into the oil.This will prevent freezing of the most important parts of the car.
Since the car first freeze the battery, then the problems with the plant in the morning can be eliminated by simply taking the battery to heat.
to the car did not freeze the glass after you have arrived at their destination, all Open your door.Wait near the machine for 3-4 minutes, until the room is ventilated.So you equalize the temperature differences arising between the warm interior and cold air outside.