To activate Ā«TiptronicĀ» move the selector to the right so that he found himself in a special slot.To enable higher gear selector forward slightly push "+".To enable a slightly lower transmission selector push back "-".In automatic mode, the box is switched to a higher gear only when the engine attains maximum speed.Therefore, when manually selecting a lower transmission, note that the switch will occur only when there is no danger of the motor twist.
If the car is equipped with shift paddles manual mode is switched on their own when exposed to one of the switches.To pull up the gear lever to the right "+" on the steering wheel.To shift down the left pull the lever "-" on the st
eering wheel.Switching to a lower gear will occur only when there is no danger of engine twist.
Follow selector position not only in the notation by his side, but also on the display of the instrument panel.In automatic mode, the display shows the position of the box selector and the number of the gear selected.In manual mode, the display shows only the box number of the gear.
During parking selector is moved to R. In this case, the driving wheels of the car will be locked automatically.Please note: to translate the selector in this position is possible only on a stationary machine.While translating the selector in this position, and when leaving it always press the lock button on the selector knob and at the same time depress the brake pedal.In the case of low battery output selector from position P does not succeed.
If necessary, reversing move the selector to R. Run will succeed only when the vehicle is stationary and running the engine at idle.When you move the lever to R always press the lock button and simultaneously press the brake pedal.To start movement, release the brake pedal and press the accelerator pedal.
for short stops using the selector neutral position N. When the engine can run at idle, but the force is not transmitted to the wheels, no engine braking.Never move the selector to this position when driving downhill.Otherwise, it may cause damage to the service braking system, or a transmission.
to start moving forward in automatic mode Select position D, while pressing the brake pedal.Then release the brake pedal and start pressing the gas.The car starts moving, the transmission will be switched automatically.If during movement was accidental movement of the selector in position N, release the accelerator pedal and wait until the engine speed does not drop to idle.Then return the selector to position D.
To select sport mode gearbox move the selector to S. In this case, the transmission will be switched after the up and down before, to use the full power of the engine.For rocking the car stuck move the lever from D to R via the N position without using the lock button selector.However, if the selector is delayed in the N position for more than 1 second, the lock will automatically turn