To open the cabin door from the outside, pull the handle.The doors are equipped with locks.The left (driver's) door is locked from the outside with a key.To do this, insert the key into the lock and turn the switch.Inside the doors are locked and blocked.To do this, click the button located at the rear lower corner of the side window.To unlock and opening pull the button upwards.To open the cab door from the inside, pull the handle on the inner door panel.Please make sure the lock button is up.
metal body still has two doors to the right side and rear double doors.To open the sliding side door outside the pull knob located at the rear of the door.Immediately thereafter, using the front slide door handles upstream traffic.To open the door from the inside of the stand to her side (so
convenient) and pull the handle on the front of the door.The back of the door push out his hand and immediately afterwards by a knob on the front of the door effortlessly slide it.The same control is used to close the door from the inside.
Another way to open the sliding door from the inside: lower leg on the bandwagon, rest elbow on the door.Pull the handle on the front of the door itself, pushing the door slightly to the outside.The door opens at the same instant.When you exit from the passenger compartment note upstairs to avoid hitting his head on the top fastening of the door.
side sliding door can be equipped with an electric drive.To open or close a door, you must press a button on the dashboard of the driver, on the key fob remote control or a button in the passenger compartment.The emergency order door can be opened manually.
rear double door opens doors to the outside.The flaps are opened by 180 degrees with the fixation during opening by 90 degrees.Use locks as well as the cabin door locks.To open the left rear sash rotate downwards handle disposed at the end of the door.Then pull the door toward you.After that, open the right leaf.To close the shutters close the right door first flap, then fold the left.This should snap lock door.