Remember that the value of the customs duties, brokerage services and temporary storage warehouse formed the basis of the brand and the power of the car, and a few tens of thousands of rubles.Apply for replacement units.To do this, you need the traffic police the following documents: customs declaration on the engine and the body with the contract of sale, as well as the paper on which will be made by replacing the major assemblies.They can be registered as well as those already taken, but then it needs a contract of sale.Also, do not forget your identity documents.
Please note that all documents should be issued to one person, and have at not only the paper but also the iron from the car, w
hich has become a donor.Carefully check whether you hold a passport of the vehicle (TCP) from the previous machine.If not, then this document can be purchased.Look at the ads in the newspapers, on the road sites.Remember that buying PTSD is not something criminal, it's just the usual loophole in the law.
When acquiring PTS, remember that you should not buy the documents, if the machine is in the theft, if the owner is deceased or in prison, if the car is bought on credit and still is a pledge to the bank.Such securities will be useless and just bring extra trouble.Buy the cheapest of cars presented at the car, because then it will be possible to sell the iron.Do this after making the cut, due to the fact that some of the traffic police department during the inspection required to provide replacement units and iron.
determine the cost, which will cost you cut.This can be done, if you look at the prices of such cars at auction.To this amount, add the cost of transportation of cars by auction, registration of necessary documents, the cost of customs services in welding, painting.However, all is not in vain, because in the end you will see significant savings.