you need
  • - Screwdriver curly;
  • - wrench 10;
  • - insulating tape;
  • - laptop;
  • - pack downloader programmer.
First, you need to disconnect and then remove the engine control unit.Resorting to the use of a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the side cover of the console as the passenger and driver's side.Fixing controller focused on 3 bolts, you must unscrew.Now disconnect terminals.The next step - remove the control unit, which can then be dismantled, after unscrewing the 4 screws at the edges.Depending on which model of the controller you
have to deal, on the back cover of the device can be placed rivet you want to drill.
Now get ready for what you have to do some revision of the control unit.The process of working is that you have to rewire the chip resistor.The unit must be connected to a computer using a pack-loader.Now consider firmware eeprom and flash.Be sure to save it in any convenient directory.Fill firmware eeprom back into the control engine block, then it is necessary to disconnect the unit from the pack loader and solder in place the chip resistor.
Make disconnecting the immobilizer and to your control box is not locked in the installation process.Remember the console immobilizer and is located at the radio, in the panel.If you grope hand block, try to disconnect the 20-pin connector.Then cut the connector from the ninth and eighteenth wire, then connect them together.Using masking tape, all wiring connections should be well insulated.Now, the control unit must be connected all connectors, and he himself set in place.Screw the central console wall and you can safely start the engine!