you need
  • - album sheet;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - paint.
First select the particular rule of the road.They are a huge number.For each group, there are certain elements of the rules, for example, traffic lights, traffic controller, traffic signs, paths, etc.Pick suitable for you.
sketched the outlines of a pencil.First, define the skyline and building on it, place all the elements of the traffic rules.The main element in all cases, there is a way.Her place almost the entire width of the album leaf, having border road by two parallel lines.
Now draw vehicles.Draw them in accordance with their category, i.e.the truck has to be larger than the car or motorcycle, but less than the train.Detailing vehicles can not comply.Draw them any more schematically than realistic.
Note the direction of movement at the location of
vehicles.If you are drawing traffic rules from the point of observation of the driver, then take the whole picture into the frame, symbolizing the visible part of the car, the same pillar.
image included turning to draw a shape that resembles a triangle, the apex of which is out of the lights, and the base will be in the form of sharp corners.Draw the shape of warm yellow tones.
add small details, without which the rule will be incomplete.We are talking about road signs.Note that the positioning marks on the figure is necessary in accordance with the standards of their installation, i.e.they must be clearly visible, not masked and does not overlap, includingand branches of trees and houses.Draw marks as precisely as possible.
Paint drawing.Highlight key elements.Vehicles picture a different bright colors.Road signs in accordance with the paint the actual picture.Keep your drawing with unnecessary details.