you need
  • - remember these machines, whose owner you want to find.
There are several ways to find a man in his car number.The first is to use Internet resources.Huge catalog of sites offering services in search of car owners all comers.Of the many portals to choose the most reliable and try to enter the data that you remember.But you should know that Internet scammers are on the alert, and you can stumble upon a site which offers to put a certain amount of access to information.Remember that there is no guarantee that you will get the required data, in addition, it is possible that in addition to the amount specified on the website, you get a huge bill, which also would have to pay.
You can try to go the other way and try to get the data the host
machine using the employees of the State Automobile Inspectorate.They have a full database of license plates, which are used in the Russian Federation.The difficulty is that such data should not be disclosed, and it is even spelled out in the legislation.Therefore, you need a serious reason to ask for information on the owner of the car.That reason may be quite a traffic violation.Then the owner of the car will find the police, and he will have to be brought before the law.If the reason for the search deemed biased, you refuse to receive information.
There is another way by which we can find out where you live searched the host machine.You can buy CDs with databases of car numbers, which if you want you can find in any market.Not the fact that these data are correct, but it is quite possible that you will be able to find someone looking for.Which of the three methods to use is up to you, but remember that the use of disks with databases - a violation of the laws of the Russian Federation, for which you may incur administrative or even criminal penalties.