you need
  • -lopata;
  • -tros;
  • -pomoschniki.
universal advice in the event of the car being stuck in the snow is not, and probably can not be.Everything will depend on your driving skills, drive type, transmission type, depth of snow, etc.
not Bucs to no avail.That is, if the machine can not move a centimeter forward or backward, it is better to get out and try to do something.Well, if you have a car even though the two men - they can help pushed the car.
Unable to budge even with the help of others?Grip the shovel and dig out the driving wheels, because in the time that you skidded underneath surely formed ice holes.You can put something under the wheel, often enclose rubber saloon car.Do not forget to pick them afterwards.
not chosen?Try to leave vraskachku.If
your car with a manual transmission, the roll back in the pit that they made, and then sharply push the gas, thus adding to the power of the motor force of inertia - have a chance to drive a little further.A couple of times applying buildup, you can overcome a rough patch.
If your machine is equipped with an automatic transmission, it is necessary to enable one of its step-down mode - "1", "2" or "L".Squeeze the brake, turn-down mode, and gradually releasing the brake, adding gas.
If so get on the "machine" does not work, you can try to go vraskachku.At low engine speeds need to switch from the "R" position to the "D" and back.But for too long to do so not worth it - the transmission may break.
If attempts to escape is still not successful, then the output is only one - to search for towing.For towing you need a tough rope, so take care of it in advance.