Remember that one of the guarantors of security while driving is a right to choose a convenient position of the driver.Adjust the seat so that the hands were placed on the steering wheel in the "ten minutes to two" thumbs tightly covered steering wheel, and his hands were slightly bent at the elbows.
Back, firmly adhering to the back of the chair should take the vertical position.If the back is heavily tilted to increase tension in the muscles of the back, neck and hands.The knees should not touch the steering wheel when the setting foot on the pedal.
Adjust the mirrors so that you can while driving without turning and craning his neck to see the sites, which are located behind and to the left of the machine.In the side mirrors
to be displayed on the car side of the tangent, and in the rearview mirror, which is located in the cabin, must be fully visible rear window.
Perform some exercises with the engine off.The car thus should stand on the handbrake.Sitting behind the wheel, fasten your seat belt.Put your feet on the pedals, place the hands on the steering wheel.Try rotating the wheel to the left and right side until it stops.
after several rotations of the wheel of a car leave and see what position took the wheel.Note that each of the steering wheel is rotated by a half turn, and the movement will be difficult with the engine off.
Return to the interior and work with the pedals, do not have a motor.Operate the right foot on the brake pedal and gas, and the left - the clutch pedal.Since the vacuum brake booster with the engine off does not work, corresponding to the pedal is pressed pretty tight.
Start the engine and note how the instrument panel and which are located some pointers.Practice the actions of switching the direction indicators.Evaluate the work of near and far light of headlights, work with the parking lights.
alternately translate the transmission lever in the position corresponding to a particular transmission.Remember, what position the lever in the "neutral" state.Try to combine the work of the feet and hands.Press the clutch pedal, the gas when shifting gears.Bring these actions to automatism.Remember that when reversing wheel should rotate it in the direction in which you need to turn.