Tip 1: How to reduce fuel consumption in winter

main task winter is not the decline in consumption fuel , and prevent overspending.To do this, especially to follow the car, not only in winter, but also during his lifetime.
you need
  • - new engine oil;
  • - spark plugs;
  • - car barometer.
Before the onset of winter Inspect your vehicle.Take measures to reduce fuel consumption in the winter only makes sense to a working machine.When traffic friction brake linings must not scrape on the drums and discs, bearings, chassis should easily rotate.You also need to adjust the ignition system and power supply.Change the spark plug, if you have not done for a long time.Thus, you'll save up to 5% of gasoline.
Check the air filter.If you pick it up and see the light, the light does not pass, then it must be replaced.A dirty filter prevents the normal flow of air coming into the engine.Therefore combust more fuel.
Fill the engine motor oil with low viscosity based on synthetic and semi-synthetics.In comparison to mineral oi
ls, synthetic reduce fuel consumption by 6%.
Try not to drive at high speeds.The lower will be the engine speed, the lower the fuel consumption.
Operate the vehicle smoothly, without sudden braking, sudden starts at traffic lights.Learn to drive smoothly in advance anticipating and preparing for each stop.
Even during short stops should turn off the engine.This is especially true of parking in front of the railroad tracks.As regards the starter in modern cars it is designed for tens of thousands of start-ups.
Watch the air pressure in the tires.Flat tire increases fuel consumption by 10%.This is especially true winter tire with a hard tread.In addition to increased fuel consumption it reduces the lifetime of the wheels themselves.
Do not carry extra weight in the car.Every 100 kg of extra weight increases fuel consumption by 0.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

Tip 2: How to reduce fuel consumption

Demand creates supply.And the cost of motor fuel generates rampant demand.And to get the car to reduce operating costs in the calculation of fuel per 100 kilometers, What tricks do not go our motorists.Not far behind them, and modern industry.
How to reduce fuel consumption
you need
  • device for the formation of an air fuel mixture,
  • set of plumbing tools
quality and feasibility of upgrading the power supply system is not always praiseworthyand often remain highly questionable conversion.But something about some innovations in this area, it's worth to tell interested motorists.
One of them is introduced into the fuel system called MD-tuning.This method of reducing fuel consumption proved to be effective in many brands of vehicles, both domestic foreign production, have been subjected to such modernization.The essence of the MD-tuning is that a node or a throttle carburetor with special technical devices are created conditions for effective formation of better fuel-air mixture, whereby it takes rapid ignition and complete combustion in the cylinder.What affects the increase of engine power and provides fuel savings of up to 25% for every 100 kilometers of the car.
To install the device, you must:

- remove the carburetor or throttle body,

- mounted on the intake manifold attachment MD-tuning,

- set in place (after the prefix) carburetor or throttle bodyFlap ..
advantage of MD-tuning is such that the modernization of the power of the engine does not affect the electronic control unit and does not require special skills of the driver for driving.In addition, the modernization of the throttle device fully complies with the principle - "once set - and forgotten."
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