In fact, learn to drive is not too difficult.Some driving skills easily acquire on their own.First you need to sit in simulators and in the interior of the vehicle.Keep in mind the location of the indicator on the instrument panel, levers and pedals.You need to know which button or lever is responsible for a particular function.It is necessary for you to drive the process, and not to forget to look for the right switch or sensor.To remember everything, a lot of time will be required.But that hand automatically performs the required action, takes practice.All the levers, pedals and switches to be found blindly, without looking at them.

Carefully read display on the instrument panel.Any evidence you need to see the periphera

l vision, without being distracted from the road.His right hand automatically switches the transmission lever, which is on the right.Gear changes occur at the subconscious level.Do not think about spent learning the instrument in time: to learn how to drive, it will have to spend a lot.Behind the wheel to sit freely without stress, hands should lie without pressure on the steering wheel.If necessary, you should easily get to any lever or button.Feet should pedaling too effortlessly.Accustomed to look ahead - not on the edge of the bonnet, and parallel to it.

Adjust the mirrors correctly.When configuring the side mirrors, you should only see the edge of the rear wing.We need to know how to get a move on.To do this, you must learn how to simultaneously move the right and left foot.When the right foot pressing on the gas pedal, the left slowly releases the clutch pedal.When you will practice these movements become automatic, then the machine will start moving smoothly, without jerks.

But if you want to pass a competent and well-trained to learn to drive a car, you must go to a driving school.Since you have already mastered and studied the car, you will easily be given training.The driving school instructor will teach you to drive off the mountain, move backwards, and much more.Driving a car can learn anyone