After each refueling, pay attention to changes in your car .So you pick the optimal quality of a petrol station, a fuel which machine works best.Fortunately, today there is a choice.As a rule, in the vicinity of the usual routes of the gas station can be found a few different suppliers gasoline .
Fill the car when the tank is in a bit of fuel - 5-6 liters.20. Pour liters acceleration to 50 km per hour and drive at a constant speed.
Wait fresh gasoline mixed with the remnants of the old, go on a fuel line to the engine.Listen, whether the work is changing unit.If everything is still, then, gasoline is not better or worse.If there were unusual sounds, quality fuel below.
fact that poor quality fuel causes malfunction of the automobile engine.Pay attention to the operation of spark plugs.If there are gaps in their work, and of all the conditions that could affect it, changed only gasoline, it means that this gas station fill in the "black list".
One of the most dangerous manifestations of lower quality gasoline consider detonation engine car .The motor in this case, is unstable, can be heard ringing metallic knocks.Drivers usually say about them: "knock your fingers."It reduces engine speed, the engine overheats, there claps of black smoke from the muffler.
Determine whether the change thrust of the engine.Reduced speakers also spoke about the poor quality of fuel filled.
Another sign of bad fuel - jerking the car while driving, its uneven movement, of course, provided that you do not abruptly let go of the clutch pedal.
sure to measure out at how many kilometers will be enough gasoline poured .Monitor the fuel consumption of the time.And on proven gas station is the delivery of low-quality fuel.So, if other permanent circumstances, fuel consumption increased significantly, it is also a marker of poor quality gasoline .
Avoid filling stations, after refueling at which the car is behaving inappropriately.And always keep receipts.Poor-quality fuel disables the fuel system, engine and candles, catalytic converter.Repairing them - an expensive pleasure.