Experienced drivers say it is easier to park backwards.And review the best and easier to maneuver.However, newcomers to them do not always agree, and believe that parking backwards rather complicated.In fact, learning how to properly park backwards quite easily.Moreover, there are several different types of parking.

parallel parking in reverse

when parking backwards we must understand that there is always a risk of hurt standing next to the car.Often, however, a situation where you can only park in this way.
only reverse parking is used in situations where the two had already parked cars do not have much space.Moving forward, you risk scratching the neighboring machine.

this park looks as follows.Caught up with the car, which is ahead in front of your chosen de
stination.The distance between it and your car must be at least 50 cm and not more than 1 m. On the right rear wheel turning prikinte zone that will be safe for you, and for the adjacent car.Draw an imaginary line from him at the top of the glass - so you will create for yourself a conditional tag, which will be equal and parking.Move backwards until the imaginary line is flush with the end of the car, you go round.

Once you reach this mark, unscrew the wheel to the right until it stops and move slowly until you see the right front edge of the vehicle located behind you.
when maneuvering do not hurry.It is better to follow all slowly but accurately than hurry.After all, in the best case you will have to vyparkovyvatsya, at worst - to arrange an accident risk.

After align the wheel and start to align the machine.Sometimes you have to make some progressive movements, before you can put the car parallel to the curb.Do not forget to level the machine and equalize the distance between you and the machine, located in front and rear.

Perpendicular parking reversing

perpendicular to the parking lot is usually carried out in reverse.It allows you to accurately and without incident to park your car in the garage.Also, with this method of parking easier to travel if the car something happened, for example, I got the battery.You can always open the hood and connect all the wires.

Perpendicular parking means that the motorist puts the car perpendicular to the curb and parallel to the other two cars.This type of parking can often be seen parked in front of shopping centers.The algorithm of action in this situation look like.For nestle start as close as possible - about 20 cm - a machine located in front of your parking space.Then send cars with wheels aligned ago.Next, remove the steering wheel all the way to the parking lot and slowly begins to wind back the trunk.Breezing quietly, exactly mirrors on the car.So convenient to keep track of exactly how you enter the parking lot.

As soon as you see that the distance between you and the neighboring car enough, straighten the wheels and call in to the end.If you are not a very experienced driver and not yet very well accustomed to the nuances of the road, at first use the help of more experienced fellow motorists.