If the disease occurs in a latent form, one survey is not enough.It produced several laboratory blood tests using different methods.
for syphilis always inspect food industry workers;pregnant women;children whose mother was infected with syphilis during pregnancy;persons with multiple sexual contacts;in preparation for surgery;donors, health workers at risk;people who discovered AIDS, HIV, hepatitis.In identifying these persons syphilis exam
ined all persons in contact with them.
mainly investigated by the blood Wassermann reaction, but in some cases can be assigned to other laboratory methods.
blood should be required to take on an empty stomach in the morning.On the day before delivery analysis forbidden to use strong tea, coffee, drinks containing alcohol, medicines containing alcohol, juice.
A negative analysis for syphilis never ruled out early or late infection.
Positive analysis indicates the presence of disease.In the first year after treatment of syphilis analysis can also show a positive reaction.
In some diseases and conditions that have nothing to do with the presence in the blood of Treponema pallidum, the reaction of the blood can yield positive results.This can happen during pregnancy, in the presence of diabetes, cancer, pneumonia, vaccination, alcoholism and drug addiction.
If a man find syphilis, he was immediately hospitalized, and will identify all persons who had links with an infected person.