Tip 1: How to get help for the pool

Visit pool - this is a great choice for people who want to have excellent physical shape, improve their health, as well as gain great cheerfulness.To start enjoying all the delights of water will need to provide the administration pool special help , which is a medical document certifying the absence of disease and giving the right to attend pool .
For help, you need to exclude yourself from diseases that are contraindications to visit pool :
- different kinds of skin diseases;
- infectious diseases;
- diseases of the circulatory system;
- malignant tumors;
- venereal disease.
For help on a visit to the pool you need to undergo a medical examination by a physician, dermatologist, venereologist, gynecologist or urologist.
For help on a visit to the pool will need to pass:
-Analysis AIDS;
-analysis on RW;
-Analysis on yaytseglist;
on hemagglutination-response (typhoid fever);
-Total blood;
For help, you must apply to the district hea
lth center or private medical center.There is a pool where you can pass an appropriate examination and receive a certificate in place.
FAQ visiting pool valid from 3 to 6 months.

Tip 2: How to make a reference to the pool

It should be noted that the legality of the Administration pool medical certificate - a moot point.Bye Rospotrebnadzor indicate that the measure is justified only when unfavorable epidemiological situation.But if you prefer to do help , contact the district physician or in private clinics.
How to make a reference to the pool
Refine administration pool , what demands she makes to help.Most often, you must pass one or more tests, and in this case you, when applying to a medical facility, it should be clarified whether or not they will give it the document that requires a specific pool.The variant, when there is, in this case, you are wasting time and money.
Turning to the municipal clinic be ready to defend the place and go through the procedure without your help nothing.For example, a study fluorography.
Doctors have a plan for preventive measures and surveys, and other ways to make go through the same chest X-rays of patients, especially if they frequented the clinic often, but to blackmail the non-extradition of the necessary help, they do not.
If you go to a paid out-patient department, a scenario may be different.Some you just draw the appropriate paper in exchange for its value as the current pricelist, others examined in full, including the Dermatology and Venereology.
If the administration pool insists analyzes, those usually have to pass, it is possible that for a fee.
Helpful Hint
Ask your doctor to write out a certificate as long as possible.Document without specifying the term of the Basin administration will take the lowest possible option.
If you can not swim, the idea of ​​the swimming pool you'd better postpone or enroll in courses to teach swimming.
Helpful Hint
addition to help to visit the swimming pool you will have to pay for the services according to tariffs of the pool, read the rules of safety and to prepare the necessary things (swimsuit, flip-flops, swimming cap, soap, washcloth, towel and a hair dryer).
  • which make reference to the pool