How to prepare for a stay in the hospital?What you need to take with you, and that on the contrary, is prohibited?

  1. Firstly, before how to enroll in the hospital (ie issue in the waiting room outpatient card and get a seat in the House), ask your doctor what tests you need to pass.Before placing their best to have on hand - then the hospital will not have to waste time until the doctor will prescribe laboratory and waiting for the results.If you have recently passed photofluorogram - sure to bring her to the hospital outcome, otherwise then have to take a re-statement or pass photofluorogram again.

  2. Take to the hospital with all the medicin
    es that you have taken recently: a doctor will allow you to keep their appointment or appoint new drugs.

  3. With regard to things, to the hospital with a need to take a dressing gown or tracksuit, slippers, underwear.If you go to the hospital during the cold season, it is best to bring along a warm sweater or jacket and woolen socks.In some hospitals, patients recommended to bring your linens, and some on the contrary - ban.So it is better to ask in advance the rules of the hospital to which you are going to lie down.

  4. course, do not forget about personal hygiene items.Two to three towels, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant (preferably odorless).But take with you to the hospital a lot of makeup or intense perfume is not necessary.First, why do you need to be painted in a hospital, on a secular reception, and secondly, the sharp smell of perfume can act annoyingly on neighbors in the ward.

  5. Do not forget to bring a plate, spoon, cup, kettle (if it does not prohibit the hospital rules).By the way, speaking of appliances, in some hospitals in the cold season in the wards are allowed to use their heaters.However, before you drag with a fireplace, an interest - whether it is possible to use it in your hospital?

  6. You can also take along a book or magazine, the player with headphones, compact DVD player, laptop, cell phone charger.But remember that the hospital will not be responsible for the safety neti your expensive property.

  7. And, perhaps most importantly, do not forget to bring money to the hospital.