order to be examined by a breast physician, to start to find out where it takes an expert.As a rule, take mammologists patients in specialized centers or private clinics.You can pass the inspection in the clinic in the community, but in this case it is important to consider what you need technician can conduct reception only on certain days.
defined the medical institution, find the phone number in the directory or on the Internet.Next, call the registry and find all the information you need.Ask what time the doctor takes, if there is free time for writing.If you arrange everything, you call his name, first name and patronymic, date of birth and ask the employee to record the registry at your reception.
If you would like to see a specialist Breast Centre, where you've never been, you might
have to drive to advance that you could register and only after that to make an appointment.Bring a passport and a policy of compulsory medical insurance.
In some hospitals recording is strictly rationed.To get it, you need to drive to the clinic on the day of the intended visit at the time of its discovery, to take place in the registry, and then you will be given a ticket at the reception.In modern hospitals, and you can sign up via the terminal installed in a medical facility.These methods of registration are not very comfortable, because the patient is forced to further attend the clinic.
At the moment many medical institutions have their own page on the Internet.Go to the site you selected hospitals and see if you can make an appointment remotely.If there is an electronic record, fill in your last name, first name, policy number of compulsory health insurance in the appropriate box, then select your doctor and a convenient time to visit.When you come for a visit to the mammologu, your card will be a doctor in the office.