No doctor will tell you that there is a completely safe method of abortion.Yet many of the effects that arise during surgical abortion, can now be avoided.Of course, this largely will depend on the duration of pregnancy, hormonal woman, her overall health.
The safest method is to use medical abortion.If pregnancy does not exceed the term of 7 weeks, doctors are inclined to this method.This procedure is performed only after inspection of the woman, delivery of analyzes and ultrasound.Tablets for the abortion issue only gynecologist in the pharmacy to buy their own is impossible.
medical abortion procedure consists of three stages.First woman takes a pill under the supervision of a specialist, which provokes the destruction of membranes of the ovum and its separation from the walls of the uterus.About
3 hours after taking the first pill she spends in the hospital, then, if there are no complications, let her go home.
second stage comes after 1-2 days, the woman comes back to the clinic, where he took a second pill.Then there is a strengthening of the myometrium and reducing the opening of the cervix.Fertilized egg with shells out, the process resembles a normal menstrual bleeding.After receiving all the pills, removal of the ovum, the girl waits for the final stage of the procedure and control.Doctors should make sure that the uterus is nothing left, so the ultrasound is performed.
If gestational age crossed the threshold of 7 weeks, but has not yet reached 12, the gynecologists recommend a vacuum abortion.This procedure takes only 5-7 minutes, it held an expert in absolutely sterile and safe conditions for women.With the help of vacuum doctor creates pressure in the cavity of the uterus, gestational sac with all their shells easily separated from the myometrium and removed.
advantage of this kind of abortion is that in this case is completely eliminated in remission uterus fetal particles, and no effect on female hormones.
If, however, it came to abortion, the doctor should be obliged to carry out preventive conversation with the woman and tell her about the possible consequences of any type of abortion.And afterwards, the expert is required to provide guidance on prevention, to avoid repeated this procedure in the future.