find online resources that perform services of a virtual gynecologist.Sign up and read the rules of the online consultation.If the specialist assigned to this service, it is possible to give you the information you need, he will answer, and after a few days you will receive recommendations.Plus these services is to save time and money on a personal visit, so there is no need for a simple recommendation to spend their resources on a visit to a gynecological clinic or office.
Before you formulate a question, consider some of the nuances.Firstly, the virtual gynecologist sees you personally can not assess the clinical picture of the disease, if any.He is unable to carry out manual inspection and to take tests for laboratory investigation.Seco
ndly, a specialist online resource you will never answer a series of questions, which are contrary to considerations of ethics and applicable law.For example, how to terminate a pregnancy is a medical institution, etc.Third, given the zaochnost advice, you will not answer questions about the treatment of hormonal diseases, procedures during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and not appoint hormones, not being able to personally make sure objectivity in your source data.
virtual gynecologist is able to give you general guidance for further examination.Ask him questions about planning and preparation for pregnancy, about the kinds of inflammatory diseases, methods of diagnosis.His response, he will help you sort out the direction in which you will take further steps.This will save you time and money on unnecessary testing.
If the answer to your question does not belong to the category of general cognitive advice, and you need a personal visit to a specialist, visit a gynecologist in clinical or diagnostic center.