Therefore, choose a good mammalogy not so simple.But if the doctor is interested mammology so that spending time and effort to obtain additional education as a specialist in this area, or conducting research work, defended his thesis on the subject, it is worth trust.After all, he has more knowledge than the ordinary oncologist, or gynecologist.

mammalogy Where to find?

There are several search options.The first - is to turn to the antenatal clinic with a request, if they have a specialist in this area and what qualificatio
ns he possesses.If a doctor is, is good news.The bad news is: the reception of mammalogy stamps can not be 2-3 months in advance.While for some diseases "hesitates is lost."And if you need an urgent consultation (mammologu sent to a therapist, suspecting something, or you have found a suspicious seal when viewed from the chest), it is better not to delay and try to find mammalogy in paid medical centers.

Paid medicine is good because there quickly take, examine carefully, and diagnostic procedures (ultrasound, analyzes, etc.) do immediately, without queues and bustle of city polyclinic.But there is a downside: toll centers are trying to attract patients a wide range of services, but because of the staff shortage at the reception put mammalogy not a specialist in this field, and the oncologist or surgeon.Not only is such a doctor is not very competent in mammalogy, so he also appoints, as a rule, a lot of unnecessary examinations (not out of malice, but trying to be safe).As a result, you risk leaving the medical center in a significant amount of money and did not get professional help.

next version of mammalogy find - a view advertisements in newspapers, or search for sites that have information about various doctors (for example,, where the coordinates are different specialists or all, good doctors always have a large clientele, so it makes no sense to get a job in the medical centers - many open their own offices.

Mammolog: testimonials and personal impressions

And, of course, can not forget about this method of gathering information, as the "word of mouth".If you need advice mammalogy, ask friends and acquaintances if they have an eye on competent expert.Do not be afraid that by doing so you move people to think that you are not okay with his health.After all, you can always say that collect this information to a friend.

also look for reviews about mammology female forums and urban sites.There, as a rule, share stories of life.And you can ask your question on the forum users or that of mammalogy.

And another important point: write down the coordinates of two or three experts, reviews of which occurred to your liking.And each visit.So you kill two birds with one stone: first, will make a personal view on the mammology, secondly, realize the same whether the diagnoses of various doctors.If not, get other specialists, because you have every right to be seen by the best doctors.