In most cases, these institutions are organized in large medical centers, hospitals or clinics.Such a system is organized and in veterinary clinics, but they kept the material of different animals, which then is used in agriculture.
storage of semen takes place in liquid nitrogen at low temperatures.The freezing process takes 3 steps.First, the material is added to glycerine, the amount will be up to 10% of the whole mass of substance.It allows the male ejaculate is better kept.Then the sperm are cooled slowly in a special chamber to minus seventy degrees centigrade.And then it goes to a special chamber with liquid nitrogen.Shelf life is not limited.If necessary, the material being removed from storage is heated, and pur
ified by additives used for other purposes.
kriotsentry often come in men who are concerned about their future.Before some operations the possibility of putting a bio-material, because then infertility may occur.In addition, you can take sperm before sterilization.Seek, and those who lead are not very healthy lifestyle, and fears that the quality of sperm deteriorates with age, and therefore need to take care of the children of the future in advance.
There are sperm donors - people who donate their semen for later use.They receive a small fee for it, but do not assume full responsibility for the future of children who may be born.These people presented many requirements: the absence of mental and physical diseases, are good indicators of the quality of the sperm, the negative analysis on various diseases.Information about the names is secret, but be sure to present information about blood type, hair and eye color, height, education.
whole sperm undergo mandatory quarantine, which ensures the absence of HIV and other diseases among donors.It lasts for at least 6 months.Also, some sperm banks conduct genetic research material, that there was no situation that the child is suffering from some diseases.
use of semen can occur in different cases, such as for various experiments.But most of this stuff come women with lack of privacy.Also draws couples where the man is infertile, and the children needed.This results in artificial insemination, which often leads to a long-awaited pregnancy.