What mammalogy

direction in medicine - mammalogy been studying the physiological and pathological mechanisms of the mammary glands, clinical methods of treatment, including preventive measures and diagnostics.Modern mammalogy impossible without a close relationship with other branches of medicine - oncology, gynecology, surgery, endocrinology.In addition, due to the progressive development of mammalogy rapid growth tumors of breast cancer in women, often resulting in disability or death.Amid all this now in Moscow created and successfully operate several modern mammography centers, where the number in the arsenal of modern equipment and the latest achievements in the field of medical diagnostics.

Federal Breast Center

The center, established in 2000, is a perfe
ct example of a modern approach to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the breast.The structure of the Federal Breast Center include:

• Department of treatment and clinical laboratories, which make ultrasound, Radiology and endovascular research in mammalogy, as well as with X-ray.

Particular attention is paid to experts of the center-sparing treatment of cancer formations.

Center Address: Ul.Trade union, 86.

Breast department at the Center for Women's Health

well-equipped Centre for Women's Health in Moscow began its work in 1998.At the same time center-based office was opened mammalogy, armed with which consist latest medical technology, which enables highly qualified staff clinics use different methods for diagnosing breast.It is a holistic approach to treatment and diagnosis, plus long-term practice mammologists clinics allow to achieve a good dynamics in the treatment of diseases.

Location: Moscow, pr. Kutuzov, 33

Clinic Women's Health in the Department of Health in Moscow

has an extensive base of medical and private diagnostic centers, which are used in interventional techniques:

• Survey doctorsendocrinology and gynecology, pneumocystography;
• cytologic study of discharge from the breast;
• puncture-palpable tumors with the help of x-ray control (system "Tsitogayt").

The composition of Breast Centre Women's Health includes the following clinical departments:

• radiology department;
• oncology department
• Cabinet SPL;
• Cytomorphological laboratory;
• onkohirurgicheskoe department;
• gynecological and endocrinological study.

Address: Ul.Potter, 23.