When there pediatrics in Russia

founder of domestic Pediatrics is SF Hotovitsky, who published in 1847 the first textbook of pediatrics, called "Pediyatrika."In the mid-20th century, pediatrics became a separate basic health care industry.Training of specialists - pediatricians perform accredited educational institution where the first courses introduced to study normal and pathological childhood.Depending on the specialization, are divided into pediatricians pediatricians - district, pediatricians - surgery, traumatology, etc. first children's hospital was opened in St. Petersburg in 1934.This medical facility still exists today, it is named NFFilatov

need for a separate preparation of doctors lies in the fact that the physiology and anatomy of a child is different from the anatomy and physio
logy of the adults, and many processes in children occur otherwise.In this regard, patterns must take into account aging changes and variations in the development of children, and to calculate the dosage of drugs used in the treatment.

Responsibilities pediatrician

good local pediatrician should observe the child for the entire period of growing up, to know the characteristics of the organism, to anticipate the development of the disease and have knowledge in various areas of medicine - from the period of nursing preterm infants to disease 18-year-oldsteens.In addition, his responsibilities include scheduling vaccinations and control over its execution.The pediatrician should advise parents to methods of recovery after diseases and their prevention, taking into account characteristics of the body of the child, and to do everything possible so that the child grew up healthy. doctor - a pediatrician should be able to communicate with your child and find a common language with their parents

Pediatricians working in children's institutions (kindergartens, schools, summer camps, children's homes), in children's clinics and hospitals inspecial brigades, ambulances, maternity homes and resorts.

Not the least role in creating a good reputation for the pediatrician plays his communication skills, ability to find common language with children and (mostly) with their parents call them the confidence.Otherwise, a situation may arise when a physician loses credibility with parents and they do not want to trust it treated the baby or the child refuses to go to the contact with the doctor, and time for the timely diagnosis of the disease can be missed.