you need
  • -Medical records - patient card, certificates, statements, analyzes and additional studies and copies thereof;
  • -Bloknot or notebook;
  • -Ruchka;
  • -Marker-highlighter.
Take a notebook or notebook raschertite page two.On one side of the record questions , the answers to which would like to receive.In the second - you can make notes during doctor replies.
If you want to get an explanation of the test results or conclusions, highlight marker to the place you are interested in a copy of the document.It is not necessary to make notes on the original medical records, they may still need you.
All medical documents lay out in chron
ological order, so it will be clearer development of the disease.In addition, it is easier to find the document.
All doctors receive patients build according to the general plan.Try in preparation for the consultation is also to act in accordance with it.
detail as possible and are detailed doctor what's bothering you.Try not to miss anything.To do this, briefly list their complaints in a notebook.
Write down in a notebook the correct name and the exact date of research, treatment, operations that you carried out.Specify the names of all medications you are taking, the dosage and frequency of administration.The history of the disease often causes difficulties for patients.
to the doctor may be all important - your profession, habits and lifestyle.Write down the co-morbidities.If you suffer from allergies, list allergens.
If you have any visible changes in the body, pay attention to them at the doctor's examination.
Take the results of previous studies, the doctor can compare the data and draw conclusions about the dynamics of the disease.
At the end ask all questions .Pre specify them in a notebook, during a conversation with the doctor write down the answers, nothing to forget.