Important documents

documents, including: exchange card data screening, medical certificates, passport, MHI policy, birth certificate, SNILS it is better to put in a separate folder and store in a prominent place.By the way, you have no policy or MLA SNILS not so bad - the doctors should call the named insured, and you know whether you are the insured person.SNILS can be found in the pension fund.For working women required a photocopy of sick leave.If you plan to give birth on the contract - do not forget the contract.

What is needed during labor

Packages better to divide and sign.For generic department needed some things, but to stay in the Mother and Child - others.Bathrobe, nightgow
n, comfortable slippers, washable better, socks - you need it during labor when labor begins you will wear a sterile gown.Be sure to take a drink - water or unsweetened fruit compote in the bottle to sippy cups and some light food - dry biscuits, cheese, apples.Fights can last a long time - you can get hungry.

small towel that can dry off after a shower (in the prenatal rooms are showers), the flow of water to remove the pain of contractions.Loosely scrunchy also useful as chapstick - very dry lips.For delivery partner required set of clean clothes and shoes for the partner.If a woman has varicose veins, it is recommended to take special compression stockings or elastic bandages.For a child will need a cap, socks and vest with buckles.

Necessary things in the postpartum ward

List of personal care products depends on your preferences.Soap better liquid, shampoo, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, absorbent pads, toothpaste and toothbrush - at least.While in the hospital provide pads, many women find that disposable bags are more convenient.It is better if you take has an opened package of soap, toothpaste and shampoo.So you can not take home extra weight and throw empty bottles directly into the hospital.

take a few small towels and one big body, disposable paper are very comfortable - they too can bring along.The diaper or towel medical examination is required.Set of dishes is better to take with you if you forget - ask at the buffet.Thermos for hot water will allow you not to go for a cup of tea for each cooler or a kettle on the corridor.Small garbage bags and disposable covers for toilet simplify your life in the hospital.

Underwear can not be washed in the hospital, and therefore worth taking a sufficient number of cowards or use disposable briefs postpartum.Some bras for feeding and laying them on the case will leak milk.Molokotsos take is possible, but not obligatory.Vitamins and medications that you take the time, too, must not forget.

Comfortable clothes: dress, coat, shorts, T-shirts for feeding.In the hospital, you can wear any comfortable clothing you today any restrictions on this point.Focus on the time of year and the air temperature in the hospital.Postpartum bandage recommend taking everything - it helps to quickly come in shape, and for women whose labors were operational, generally irreplaceable.

cosmetics, hand cream, body nipples, baby lotion, powder, combs, lenses or glasses are taken as necessary.Baby diapers considerably ease your life, even in the hospital provide sterile clean diaper in any quantity.For a child will need caps, vests, socks.If you do not want to swaddle it can take sliders.Baby blanket does not hurt, especially if you give birth in the winter - at night can be cool.Phone charger to it, laptop, tablet, books, magazines and other means of entertainment are taken at will and are not binding.

clothes statements can be taken from an advance or transmitted on the day of discharge.Focus on the weather in summer is enough sliders, socks, caps and vests, you will need winter warm overalls, warm clothes and a cap.Do not forget about me: beautiful mother on the day of discharge - is very important.And most importantly, make sure to meet not forget to bring avtolyulki.