Make an appointment with the therapist in the community.The doctor will make examination, ask your health complaints and a preliminary diagnosis.After that, you will be referred to a specialist for further examination.Most often, this will need to pass basic tests.
Visit said the expert, together with the results of your tests.If the doctor determines slack abnormalities, likely you will not be sent for rehabilitation, and will register the treatment at home.But if the external examination and tests revealed serious problems, a physician referral for rehabilitation in an appropriate medical facility.Even if the condition is deemed serious enough, try to talk with a specialist and ask him yet to issue a direction if you need it.
Do not rush to accept rehabilitation in a medical facility, which will recommend a doctor.Typically, patients are referred to hospitals and hospitals in the community, but if, for example, you know the hospital with a better service, qualified professionals, who are well treated exactly your disease, you may be asked to send it back.Typically, health workers, in this case the patients are going to meet.If you have not decided where you want to undergo rehabilitation, find out in advance all the necessary information via the Internet or someone you know, have already encountered with the treatment of such diseases.
Contents for rehabilitation in the medical facility where you sent.Typically, you must go to the hospital the next day after receiving directions, or a few, depending on the availability of hospital and the nature of the disease.Bring along identity documents, changeable things, the doctor recommended products, medicines, as well as the required amount of money, if the hospital is paid.Rehabilitation may take from several days to several weeks, depending on the nature of the disease.