you need
  • - heredity;
  • - overweight;
  • - stress;
  • - infectious diseases and pathology of the pancreas;
  • - age.
predisposing factors of diabetes can be identified quite a lot, but not always, the disease begins to develop and progress, even if available.But the combination of these factors increases the risk of dozens of times.
Ill diabetes mellitus very real, having a genetic predisposition.Medical observation found that the diabetes risk of one parent for a child is 10 to 30% likelihood of pathology.If both parents are sick - the probability of occurrence of diabetes in children is close to 60-100%.The spread of numbers of different studies differ significantly, but o
ne significantly - a genetic predisposition exists, and must be taken into account when entering into marriage, the planning of children and others.
second factor that greatly increases the possibility of disease diabetes , especiallythe second type is the regular overeating and obesity.An excess of body weight by 20% diabetes incidence increases to 25%, the excess body weight by 50% - the frequency of the disease is already 60%.
Pathology of the pancreas, diseases of other endocrine glands, viral infections such as chicken pox, measles, infectious hepatitis, influenza, and other diseases can start the process of diabetes mellitus .
nervous stress in individuals with overweight and family history, very often serves as a trigger for the disease diabetes .
The older the person, the greater his risk of developing diabetes .Moreover, every 10 years, after 50 years of life increases the chance twice.
Although the abuse is not considered a sweet cause of diabetes, but this habit at some point, too, will serve not a good service.A person consuming refined carbohydrates in an exorbitant amount, sooner or later faced with overweight.