Symptoms of meningitis

According to doctors, meningococcal infection may escalate each person, because most people are carriers of dangerous microbes.However, the penetration of bacteria into the brain have to go through several protective barriers that are not so simple.But children whose immunity is not yet fully formed, as well as in adults, recently recovered from serious diseases, there are significant chances to be at risk, especially in times of epidemic meningitis.It is enough to be close to the sick person to meningococcus or viruses penetrated the meninges throug

h the nasopharynx.

disease can easily be confused with the common cold and flu, as the symptoms of meningitis are similar: fever, chills, severe headaches, drowsiness and rash, pain in the muscles or joints, cramps, vomiting, and others.When these symptoms, especially in the summer you need to seek immediate medical attention.

Preventing meningitis

impossible to ensure full protection of the body from contact with the meningitis causing viruses and bacteria.However, some measures are still to be taken.

Wash your hands often, especially after visiting public places: toilets, railway stations, hospitals, etc.In the fight against meningitis is better to use an antibacterial soap.

Watch for symptoms to prevent ill health for colds or flu, otherwise they can develop into meningitis.Its development may indicate the emergence of a strong sensitivity to changes in the weather, frequent headaches, neck aches or stiffness of muscles, intense heat, and photophobia.

Be careful during the summer bathing in ponds: avoid not designated areas and areas with large concentrations of people on the beaches.Do not drink water from rivers and lakes, swimming pools and from wells.It is better to drink boiled or store-bought water.

Keep your immune system, strengthen it, especially before the onset of summer and winter.Do not start the disease of the ear, nose and throat, as they may also result in meningitis.Do not abuse alcohol and do not inhale cigarette smoke, avoid contact with sick people on the street.Be sure to talk with your doctor about the possibility to be vaccinated against the disease for you and your children.